Not just another NFT, a multi-community NFT project!

The Blue Chimps are a full-service business incubation platform that specializes in the Web 3 space, offering a wide range of services streamlining the transition from web 2 to web 3. We offer all of the services you need from developing to marketing to managing all aspects of a new or existing project.

Our Advisory Services Team will help you select the services you need and get the most for your money and your project. Whether you are looking to turn an idea into a business or your NFT project has already minted out, The Blue Chimps can take you into Web 3 and give you the tools you need to see it thrive.

The Blue Chimps NFT has moved into Phase II of its existence: the metaverse. Each Blue Chimp NFT has a mansion on a golf course in NFTWorlds, which you can rent out for parties and meetings, display your NFTs or meet with friends and colleagues. It is also your all-access pass to all of the games and attractions in the Super City.

But being a Blue Chimp NFT holder is so much more. It is your all-access pass to in-real-life business experience helping fledgling projects succeed, getting connected to the movers and shakers in the web 3 space, learning valuable business skills and teaching what you know; and getting paid to do it? That's coming soon!
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Minting now

Now Minting!

Get your Blue Chimp now while we are minting them! We will close the minting process soon. Blue Chimps are minting for 0.34 right now and can be bought on the secondary market Opensea.

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Chimp Tank is Here!

We are looking for NFT projects to partner with for our Blue Chimp holders. Come be apart of the Twitter Spaces to chat about your project to our top team members.

Get sponsored to launch your project with the Blue Chimps team and start off with great members to join your community.

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Chimp Tank

Season 1 In Progress

Bad Baby Dinos
The Debonair Ape
Real Cats
Warrior Alliance
PastelChallenge CoinMAWMofos

One Simple Utility

Mint 12 FREE + Gas NFT’s from 12 different projects that are built with the Blue Chimp holders involved from the start. Diamond hand holders of the Blue Chimps will benefit with getting the chance to mint a NFT project for FREE + Gas every month. The value of the one of those 12 projects goes up, the value of the Blue Chimp NFT goes up. We send chimp to moon.

Buy Blue Chimp


Join in on the community by buying a Blue Chimp. Receive 12 NFT’s over a span of 12 months, that’s a NFT each month! All you have to pay is the Gas fee and you mint for FREE! Ape in today!

Diamond Hands


We want long term holders in our community for all 12 projects. Help develop those communities with the new members so that NFT increases value. Show artists the support they need during their launch.

Let’s go MOON

Moon chimp

Holding for 12 months and minting all 12 NFT’s will get you into an exclusive party in California! Thank you for holding you diamond hands beast! Support those 12 communities and increase those NFT’s value.

The Roadmap


30% Complete

Get your Blue Chimp dropped into your wallet! Mint the first 5 NFTs for FREE + Gas! Join the new communities and diamond hand those holders.

60% Complete

Mint the another 5 NFTs for FREE + Gas! Get ready to party with all the Blue Chimps in the California party.

100% Complete

Mint the last 2 NFTs for FREE + Gas! Come party with all the Blue Chimps in California and get ready for season 2!

Check Out Our Youtube!

We interviewed Shaq on Twitter Spaces and talked about NFT's, Sports, Tech and much more. Creating the most savage chimp community in the jungle!

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The Blue Chimps Team

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IT Tech

Richy Rich




Frequently Asked Questions

How to mint a Blue Chimp?

Click "Mint" or "To Mint Page" at the top and it will take you to our mint page. Claim yours now before we close public minting!

How much does a Blue Chimp cost?

It costs 0.34 ETH (Est. $1400) to buy one Blue Chimp NFT. You will be able to buy them on the secondary market OpenSea.

What is an NFT?

It stands for non-fungible token which is a digital file that you own on the blockchain. Think digital Pokémon & sports cards.

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